Aug 2015
Throughout Western North Carolina sit dozens of public schools abandoned by time, consolidation, and changing demographics. In their heyday, they were community epicenters and veritable second homes for thousands of students. Today, some are boarded up, while others await imminent demolition and replacement by new state-of-the-art facilities. But there are also a handful of old schoolhouses tucked away in various corners of the mountains that have found new purpose as community centers, concert venues, historical beacons, and artists’ studios. Here’s a look at the past and present of eight of them.

Dec 2014
Ron Rash’s novel The World Made Straight gets the big screen treatment

Nov 2014
Celebrate a joyous season with performances galore

May 2014
Head across the mountains to explore all that’s new in this revitalized and thriving city

Mar 2014
A native son brings his new York dance company home

Dec 2013
Moms Mabley, the trailblazing Brevard-born comedienne, gets her due

Oct 2013
A Waynesville couple gives the Strand Theatre a second act

Oct 2012
From new outdoor learning environments to reimagined downtown corridors, the nonprofit Asheville Design Center is helping communities create blueprints for brighter futures

Oct 2012

Aug 2012
Drew Findley: Subject Matter Studio

Mar 2012
Flat Rock Playhouse celebrates its diamond anniversary

Aug 2011
Enter the boundless world of an innovative artist

Aug 2011
From appearances by George Jones to performances of Madame Butterfly, WNC stages offer a wonderfully eclectic lineup

Jul 2011
Asheville Vaudeville is as strange as it gets--in a good way

Jul 2011
World premieres take the stage at the Magnetic Field

Jul 2011
Aspiring thespians find their voice, and more, at Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Jul 2011
The Performance Center in Asheville promises a bigger, better home for the arts

Jul 2011
Asheville's Masonic Temple invites the world in

Jul 2011
Thanks to community support, the show always goes on at Peacock Playhouse

Jul 2011
North Carolina's state theater opens new digs on Main Street in Hendersonville

Jul 2011
Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville displays beautiful works of art and the building's storied past

May 2011
From pageant queens to the namesake blooms, the 65-year-old Rhododendron Festival continues to celebrate the beauty of the mountains

Jan 2011

Jan 2011
Take a seat at the newest theater in Asheville: The Altamont

Sep 2010
Meet six people who translate panache into acts of community and enduring pillars of design

Jul 2010
We all love our mountain environment, but how well do we take care of it? Here’s a look at where we stand: What WNC is doing right, and how we can improve

Jun 2010
Cue the Fireworks: Get ready for the show with these patriotic picks

May 2010
Iron Horse Restaurant & Tavern fits right in with Hot Springs’ casual vibe

Oct 2009
Open for Business: From downtown to the south side, explore the town that keeps reinventing itself

Sep 2009
For more than two decades, mill workers across the region played in a league of their own

Sep 2009
Waynesville may be the biggest town west of Asheville, but it retains a neighborly charm

Sep 2009
CooperRiis’s holistic, community-based approach to treatment is setting a new standard in mental health care

Jul 2009
Three couples who shifted their careers

May 2009
Ten near by cities worth a trip this summer

Mar 2009
Built to supply energy for defense industries during World War II, Fontana Dam became a monument to American ingenuity and determination

Mar 2009