Burnsville: Cue the Fireworks: Get ready for the show with these patriotic picks
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With a close-knit community of 1,600, Main Street wrapping around a quaint central square, and a collection of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants (including a classic 1950s diner), Burnsville is the quintessential American town. Home to the top-notch Parkway Playhouse theater and the popular Quilt Trail heritage tour, there are plenty of reasons to visit. While you’re there, shop around. Needle Me This, located east of the square, sells fabric, threads, and other sewing supplies. At the opposite side of town, DK Puttyroot tearoom offers select teas and handmade papers, David’s Limited carries fine clothing, and I Thought About You specializes in children’s attire. And that’s just to start. Here’s a sampling of red, white, and blue finds to fit the season.

The Shopping List
(clockwise from top center)
1. A touch of Cass Fans by Deco Breeze $65 101 Town Sq.; (828) 682-2522
2. The music box Oscar Schmidt electric guitar $150 128 W. Main St.; (828) 678-9596
3. clodhoppers Clarks wedges $80 17 W. Main St.; (828) 682-5256
4. Needle me this A shop selling colorful fabrics, quilts, and sewing accoutrements 230 E. Main St.; (828) 682-9462
5. David’s limited Cuff links by Bugatchi (below) $70 105 W. Main St.; (828) 682-6542
6. Toe River arts council Gallery Basket by Billie Ruth Sudduth (below) $250 102 W. Main St.; (828) 682-7215