penland school of crafts

penland school of crafts
Feb 2020

Aug 2019
Flamework artist Kit Paulson creates intricate glass menageries

Dec 2018
Locals, especially, can confirm Western North Carolina holds a wealth of riches. From natural wonders and cultural treasures to splurge-worthy experiences, the indulgences afforded in our mountains are, in many ways, priceless.

Dec 2018
The elemental sculptures of Jeannine Marchand

Oct 2018
“It’s an amazing lifestyle. My commute to work is a trek in the woods.”

Aug 2018
Blacksmith Elizabeth Brim forges an exceptional body of artwork with an unconventional approach

Jun 2018
Discover what’s new and awesome for all ages in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, Tennessee

Apr 2018
Burnsville’s Gateway Project illuminates community through public art

Dec 2017
Penland School of Crafts welcomes new director Mia Hall

Oct 2017
Penland-based Terrane Glass Designs artfully raises the bar

Oct 2017
Jenny Lou Sherburne’s Seussian-style pottery delights through color and shape

Aug 2017
FEHLŌ handcrafts home goods by the hundreds

Aug 2017
“My work is about how people relate to each other, and how I arrange the chairs mirrors those relationships.”

Aug 2017
Local jewelry designers—each with a unique skill set and expression of style—are making one-of-a-kind adornments and wearable works of art worth treasuring forever

Oct 2016
Penland fellow Seth Gould elevates toolmaking to an art form

Aug 2016
Cristina Córdova’s larger than life paintings grace Penland’s grand new gallery

Dec 2015
Sometimes, smaller is better.

Jul 2015
While remaining true to its past, the world-renowned Penland School of Crafts never stops exploring the reaches of contemporary art

Mar 2015
Penland artist David Chatt proves beadwork can transcend handicraft

Jun 2014
Inspired tours bring art lovers to artists where they live and work

Dec 2013
You can never foresee how the life you choose—or the one that chooses you—can ultimately impact someone in extraordinary ways. Meet seven inspirational locals whose personal journeys are making a big difference in the lives of others.

Oct 2013
From opening a new studio to teaching, ceramist Jason Bige Burnett is in art overdrive

Aug 2013
Andrew Hayes’ metal and paper sculpture deconstructs the book

Jun 2012
Layers of texture and color beautify Deb Karash's vivid art jewelry

Apr 2012
How Harvey K. Littleton’s vision sparked an artistic revolution and ignited the Studio Glass Movement.

Sep 2011
A new hub for art and history opens in Blowing Rock this month

Jul 2011
Fiber sculptor Anne Lemanski narrates messages through her delicate conceptual creatures

Jan 2011
Brew a party with one of these hot numbers

Jan 2011
Margaret Couch Cogswell injects child-like wonder in all her creations

Aug 2010
Lisa Klakulak sculpts accessories out of the woolliest of mediums

Jul 2010
This community of glass artists didn’t suddenly appear. It was shaped and molded by the nearby Penland School of Crafts

Jul 2010
Among the curios, the jewels of a local legend shine at the Asheville Antiques Fair

May 2010
Polished Delivery: Years of practicing behind the scenes pay off

Apr 2009

Apr 2009

Apr 2009

Apr 2009
How Western North Carolina’s craft community became a $200 million force in our local economy