Christopher Shane

Christopher Shane
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Each August, a group of friends parade up the gravel drive to Barbara Swell and Wayne Erbsen's home in Asheville bearing pies of all flavors, savory and sweet, with wacky names like Lazy Wife, Hungry Hobo, and Doggone Good Apple. A delicious frenzy of tasting and judging ensues and by sundown, nary a slice remains. Follow Barbara's lead for summer fun with recipes and tips for hosting a yummy gathering.

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Truly magnificent gardens need time and attention to flourish - coaxed and nurtured by guiding hands and verdant vision. Peter and Jasmin Gentling spent the last 40 years creating just such a landscape on Sunset Mountain. Welcome to Blue Briar Garden.

Andrew Snavely treks the globe to source the leaves, buds, and flowers steeped at Dobrá Tea in Asheville, each time returning with a greater knowledge of this ancient beverage and its cultural ties.

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