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Aug 2021
“I am trying to respectfully amplify her legacy in a way that is relatable.”

Jun 2021
“The integration of craft and art—that is the foundation of my work. I call them ‘art-ful.’”

Mar 2021
“So many places that are old have been rebuilt many times. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between old and new.”

Feb 2020
“Natural beauty is very important to me. It helps shed all the stuff that happens to you every day.”

Oct 2019
Boone's Master Potter

Aug 2019
“Traveling through North Carolina, I was always left awestruck by the beauty of the mountains.”

Jun 2019
“It’s been a great blessing to be able to follow my bliss and passion through art.”

Oct 2018
“It’s an amazing lifestyle. My commute to work is a trek in the woods.”

Aug 2018
“Ravens really resonate with people. They’re complicated animals, just like us.”

Jun 2018
“For me, it’s about painting the dog’s energy and inner color. I truly let them talk to me.”

Apr 2018
“My pots are an expression of my love for the process...”

Feb 2018
“I think it’s so fascinating what goes on around us in nature.”

Dec 2017
“Abstraction pulls the energy of my experience all together.”

Oct 2017
“Mark-making is a specific language, and mine happens to be more gestural, expressive, impatient.”

Aug 2017
“My work is about how people relate to each other, and how I arrange the chairs mirrors those relationships.”

Jun 2017
“My work is a constant exploration. I’m always experimenting to move the process forward.”

Apr 2017
Clyde-based potter Becky Lloyd

Feb 2017
Amy Brandenburg

Dec 2016
Pamela Haddock

Aug 2014
"Everything is an art material"