Last Page - Christa Briana

Last Page - Christa Briana: “I think it’s so fascinating what goes on around us in nature.”
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IMAGE: The Scent, watercolor and ink, 11" x 15"

Watercolorist and illustrator Christa Briana studied just about every art form at Savannah College of Art & Design other than illustration, yet she always came back to drawing. As a child, she recalls cataloging plants and drawing images of the flora and fauna she’d see. After moving to Asheville five years ago and taking a job as a floral designer, her interests and artistic talents became one. Briana creates and sells original works, prints, commissions, and greeting cards depicting scenes from nature. But her work also embodies a hidden darkness rooted in Appalachian folklore, superstition, and the natural balance of life and death. For The Scent, she explores the hunting relationship between hares (the prey), ravens (the eyes in the sky), and foxes (the hunters). “It’s dark, but it’s nature; it’s real,” she says. Briana 
occasionally teaches workshops in illustration, which she promotes through Instagram, @christa_Illustrates, and sells her work via Etsy. www.ChristaBrianaArt.etsy.com