Last Page - Al Junek

Last Page - Al Junek: “Traveling through North Carolina, I was always left awestruck by the beauty of the mountains.”
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Sun’s Breaking Through, watercolor on paper, 20" x 28" By Al Junek, Hendersonville

Watercolorist Al Junek walks through life seeing paintings in the ethereal landscapes of the mountains. The Texas-born artist spent most of his life as an engineer—a profession that occasionally brought him through Western North Carolina—but it was by chance that he discovered his talent for drawing and took up formal training at the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy in 1989 after retiring. His move to Hendersonville would provide endless inspirational subject matter for his watercolor, oil pastel, and pen and ink works. The interplay of atmospheric fog and light are a common theme in his landscapes and still lifes. In Sun’s Breaking Through, the artist portrays a scene from his front porch, where fall’s colorful leaves cut through the hazy morning air. Junek’s work will be exhibited during the Henderson County Open Studio Tour on September 21 & 22, 2019 and at Art MoB marketplace in Hendersonville in October, 2019.

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