Last Page - Nabil el Jaouhari, Asheville

Last Page - Nabil el Jaouhari, Asheville: “My work is an abstraction of nature.”
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Intermission, Japanese gouache and wood burning, 25x25

Asheville artist Nabil el Jaouhari knew from an early age that he wanted to create art. Growing up in Lebanon, he received lots of encouragement from his parents, especially from his father, a furniture maker. El Jaouhari, who holds an MFA from the University of Missouri, has his second solo exhibit at Mark Bettis’ River Arts District gallery this summer, running from June 10-24. This mixed media show embraces the Japanese concept of Mono No Aware or “empathy toward things” and is entitled “The Impermanence of Things.” He employs unusual raw materials such as tar, asphaltum, and fabric tufting, along with his signature wood burning to create work that is delicate and ethereal. He notes. “It’s a challenge; you have to stay unique… I’m not money hungry, but I love the idea of how people would want something of mine, that my art is living in someone’s house.” View more of El Jaouhari's work at www.riverartsdistrict.com/artist/nabil-el-jaouhari/