Last Page - Bob Meier

Last Page - Bob Meier: Boone's Master Potter
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Vase, stoneware clay, 30" tall By Bob Meier, Boone

“If you’re excited about the work you are doing, people pick up on that.”

Boone ceramist Bob Meier hadn’t intended to become a full-time artist. He stumbled into the clay medium while studying Technical Education at Appalachian State University in 1973—and he loved it. Meier launched his studio, Doe Ridge Pottery, out of his home in ’78 and has become recognized for his functional and decorative platters, vases, lamps, and more, all embodying a technique he’s come to call “reverse sgraffito,” whereby the glaze is inlaid into the carved design and the raw brown clay is exposed in its natural beauty. Meier serves as an adjunct ceramics professor at App State and also operates his gallery, which has been on King Street since 1988 and now showcases works by some 15 other artists.

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