Last Page - Kathie Briggs

Last Page - Kathie Briggs: “Nature provides endless paths to explore through art.”
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Winter Forest, cotton textile, 48" x 26"

Like many creators of fine art, Kathie Briggs looks to nature for inspiration. A fiber artist known for her beautifully designed quilts, the former educator and computer professional left the (slightly) colder lake environs of northern Michigan for the mountain vistas of Western North Carolina in 2016. 

Trees are a prominent and favored motif in her craft. “To me, they [trees] represent strength and patience. They provide shelter and food for birds, insects, animals, and people. They produce oxygen and shade, and their wood is their last gift,” Briggs explains. Her art quilts range from minimalist to modern and abstract, and have been displayed in regional and national exhibitions, as well as several magazines and books, winning numerous accolades and awards in the process. The Weaverville resident participates in the Weaverville Art Safari studio tour twice a year. A studio visit can be handled through Art Connections, a tour group of Asheville-area artists.