Apr 2016
The winding route to Plumtree through far western Avery County on U.S. 19 East is the very definition of a road trip. It’s the kind of byway most people would take only if this out-of-the-way hamlet were the destination itself. But for fans of beer and scenic beauty, a thriving brewery and a cluster of outdoor options are enticing reasons to tour the North Toe River valley’s flower-filled fields.

Apr 2016
Distance: 5.6 miles round-trip Difficulty: Strenuous

Feb 2016
Move from early to late spring with a palate-pleasing selection of wines

Dec 2015
Sometimes, smaller is better.

Oct 2015

Aug 2015
Get to know local history through new exhibits at area heritage museums

Apr 2015
Roan Mountain’s Cloudland Hotel once served as an elevated destination for naturalists

Dec 2014
A reinvigorated search for Southern snow

Oct 2014
Five celebrated chefs offer their favorite holiday dishes and the recipes to recreate them at your own family gathering

Oct 2014
Highlands 163 Main St. (828) 526-3636 www.rukastable.com L, D $$$

Oct 2014
Cherokee and Clay counties stand to attract wine lovers with a newly designated grape-growing region

Oct 2014
With 50 breweries counting, Western North Carolina's reputation as a craft beer mecca continues to grow, but for how long? Experts and brewers weigh in on the industry's future.

Aug 2014
The scoop on WNC’s latest dining destinations

Jun 2014
Inspired tours bring art lovers to artists where they live and work

May 2014
Meet 11 leaders in the quest to conserve WNC’s natural areas

Apr 2014
Discover seasonal beers and the peaks that inspired them

Mar 2014
Lift your spirits with a refreshing seasonal cocktail

Jun 2013

Mar 2013
A family of plant lovers keeps indigenous species thriving

Mar 2013
Julian Morton's community, Invershiel, recreated a bit of his homeland in the High Country

Jan 2013
Make the most of winter’s laid-back pace with our list of guaranteed ways to pamper yourself—mind, body, and spirit

Nov 2012
Shine from head to toe this party season with sparkling attire

Oct 2012
Stir up the competition for Highlands’ annual eggnog contest

Aug 2012
Steal the show with a dapper summer hat

Jun 2012
Make a quick getaway with a nifty weekend carryall

Jun 2012
Julyan Davis' latest paintings carry a melancholy tune

Mar 2012
Turn your eyes to the skies this spring for a glimpse of WNC's fastest bird of prey—the peregrine falcon

Feb 2012
Ready your fork for a culinary cook-off in Highlands

Dec 2011
If you’re feeling left behind in fitness-forward WNC. Don’t. It’s not about who wins the race or who’s the most flexible yogi. Exercise is about finding an activity that moves your body and spirit. Check out this beginners' guide to get you hooked on cycling, running, or yoga, complete with inspiration from three folks who’ve already found what they love to do.

Oct 2011
The Buncombe Turnpike blazed a trail to market for drovers and farmers and helped open the mountains to tourists

Oct 2011
A culinary weekend makes for a savory getaway

Sep 2011
Autumn is upon us, and you can park yourself in the backyard and watch the leaves put on a show.

Sep 2011
Summit these lookouts for awe-inspiring mountain vistas

Sep 2011
Prost! Here's to local Oktoberfest celebrations and the German tradition from which they stem

Jun 2011
The Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival turns 30

May 2011
You are now leaving WNC. Don’t call us traitors for straying from our beloved natural wonderland. Sometimes you just have to play outside the lines. After all, much of what we love here—lofty peaks, wild rivers, picturesque lakes, and awe-inspiring trails—spills over into Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Summer is the season to grab your gear, whether it be a life jacket, fishing rod, hiking boots, or mountain bike, and head for great escapes just across the border.

Feb 2011
With the demise of chestnut trees, so went the reign of bark architecture in the mountains. Today, Chris and Marty McCurry are leading a revival of the historic style. Using poplar bark and sustainable practices, they’re ensuring a lasting connect between home and nature

Jan 2011
Make it a date with dinner at one of these amorous restaurants