Ruffing It

Ruffing It: Take a hike for a cause with a shelter dog
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Asheville Humane Society’s Hiking Hounds

Since dog trainer Jenny White began the program in 2007, AHS has taken countless dogs to the North Carolina Arboretum and Bent Creek. By the end, once-fearful pooches’ tails wag nonstop. “We have many different ways of providing enrichment to the animals in our care, but Hiking Hounds is unique in that it gives dogs the opportunity to leave the shelter and just be dogs for a while,” says Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Paul. Visit the Hiking Hounds Facebook page to get involved.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Outward Hounds

Hiking with rescue dogs is a great way to make friends—both the furry and human kind. Jax Hill is one of five hiking leaders with Brother Wolf, based in Buncombe County. She moved to Asheville from the UK four years ago and says it helped ease his transition. “The program helps the dogs, especially if they have fear or socializing issues, and it’s so wonderful to spend time with such dedicated, like-minded people,” she says. For opportunities, visit www.bwar.org/volunteer.

Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society Hikers for Hounds

This Jackson and Macon county-based program takes shelter dogs to Panthertown Valley or Fairfield Lake for fresh air, exercise, and socialization—“and it’s great for the humans on the other end of the leash, too,” notes CHHS Executive Director David Stroud. For info, call the shelter at (828) 743-5752.

Photograph courtesy of Asheville Humane Society