Burke County

Burke County
Jun 2023
Lake James State Park

Jun 2023
The latest from throughout Western North Carolina

Dec 2022
Local brewers and experts weigh in on the beer industry’s recent boom and its future

Mar 2022
Don’t worry, be happy: there’s a humorous story behind the unique moniker of one WNC community, and there’s a splendidly contrasting place name just down the road.

Dec 2021
Even in the depths of the cold season, these lower-elevation routes keep the wheels turning

Jun 2021
This great bird is resurgent—but still at risk—in the mountains

Sep 2020
Standout stories from regional lore that confound and fascinate with each retelling

Oct 2019
Get into the spirit with six Hallmark-worthy small-town celebrations

Dec 2018
Locals, especially, can confirm Western North Carolina holds a wealth of riches. From natural wonders and cultural treasures to splurge-worthy experiences, the indulgences afforded in our mountains are, in many ways, priceless.

Apr 2018
New owners give Henry River Mill Village a fresh lease on life

Dec 2017
The latest from throughout Western North Carolina

Oct 2016
Commemorating the 450th anniversary of Juan Pardo’s exploration of the Carolinas

Aug 2016
Celebrate—and help preserve—monarch butterflies during their annual migration through WNC

Sep 2015
A Morganton couple aims to spread monuments to the country’s founding documents far and wide

Aug 2015
Burke County is bursting with options for your next adventure

Mar 2015
Field School allows the curious to explore an ancient site in Morganton where the New and Old Worlds collided

Oct 2014
Make a moonshine run to see some of WNC’s historic stills

Aug 2014
Help boost reading skills for National Literacy Month

Aug 2012
Historic Henry River Mill Village tells a tale beyond its role in The Hunger Games

Sep 2011
Summit these lookouts for awe-inspiring mountain vistas

Feb 2011
Tour a few of WNC’s intriguing homes for a greater perspective on our region's early days

Oct 2009
Eat, Drink & Be Merry: Bring your shopping list and discover epicurean delights, gifts, and holiday spirit in this foothills town

Mar 2009
From the Past to the Present