Feb 2024
“I am inspired by the desire to express beauty and hope through brokenness and flaws, integrated with imagery of value in healing and restoration.”

Nov 2023
Bespoke wedding mementos from Weaverville

Mar 2023
“The complementary relationship between organic chaos and systematic geometry especially intrigues me.”

Dec 2022
Clear views Architect Rob Carlton designed the home to take advantage of views of the sky above and valley below.

Aug 2021
“I am trying to respectfully amplify her legacy in a way that is relatable.”

Aug 2019
The latest from throughout Western North Carolina

Jun 2019
“It’s been a great blessing to be able to follow my bliss and passion through art.”

Jun 2019
Set off on the new Blue Ridge Craft Trails to encounter a thriving heritage

Feb 2019
Asheville-based East Fork Pottery scales it up

Feb 2018
Carl Peverall’s stone sculptures evoke both permanence and reinvention

Aug 2017
“My work is about how people relate to each other, and how I arrange the chairs mirrors those relationships.”

Dec 2016
Hood Huggers Hood Tours reveal a path from Asheville’s past to the present

Aug 2016
Cristina Córdova’s larger than life paintings grace Penland’s grand new gallery

Jul 2015
After 30 years as a sculptor, Stoney Lamar is more prolific than ever

Mar 2015
Penland artist David Chatt proves beadwork can transcend handicraft

Dec 2013
George Peterson pounds, carves, and cuts salvaged wood and skateboard decks into modern art

Oct 2012
Across cultures and continents, Akira Satake excels in both music and pottery

Aug 2012
The newest addition to Lenoir's outdoor sculpture collection looks to the town's past and future

Apr 2012
How Harvey K. Littleton’s vision sparked an artistic revolution and ignited the Studio Glass Movement.

Apr 2012
Martha Enzmann evokes awe through fanciful puppets and parades

Sep 2011
The colorful landscapes and people of two very different regions inform the work of Asya Colie

Jul 2011
Fiber sculptor Anne Lemanski narrates messages through her delicate conceptual creatures

May 2011
At the hands of Leo Monahan, paper takes on a colorful, three-dimensional life

May 2010
Visit the handmade expo and go crafty with your home design

Oct 2009
Trash to Treasure: Meet three artists who give discarded objects a fresh interpretation

Jul 2009
Exploring Asheville’s timeless and tireless streets, shops, and bistros

Apr 2009

Apr 2009