September/October 2017

September/October 2017
A couple tackles the monumental task of building their own home from the ground up

FEHLŌ handcrafts home goods by the hundreds

“My work is about how people relate to each other, and how I arrange the chairs mirrors those relationships.”

From the practice room to the stage to the studio, WNC’s garage rockers forged an indelible sound

Denise Kiernan charts Biltmore’s legacy from the ground up

Five fall film festivals bring independent movies to the mountains

Canton’s former black high school will promote community once more, thanks to an effort by Gladys Knight and her husband, Canton native William McDowell

Discover close encounters with creative characters and starry nights

The latest from throughout Western North Carolina

Holloway Meadow Loop

Five must-follow local interior designers on Instagram

From rugs to purses, Alexander Wyly Smith’s textile designs reach retail markets worldwide

App State’s new HOW Space is the university’s latest evolution in innovative, interdisciplinary education

Homesteaders open their gates for a bountiful harvest supper club

For 80 years, WNC’s Masonic monument has preserved far-flung pieces of history

Local bluegrass kingpins return with a new album and old sounds made modern

Local jewelry designers—each with a unique skill set and expression of style—are making one-of-a-kind adornments and wearable works of art worth treasuring forever

Meet 5 local fashion designers, each with a passion for individual expression in the clothes we wear

September/October 2017

Sample fall’s bounty at area apple and cider festivals

Enjoy a taste of rural Americana with Surry County’s signature sonker dessert

OWL Bakery cooks up autumn fun and a recipe to try at home

Meet one young business owner who’s taking stock in chickens