The North Carolina Arboretum

The North Carolina Arboretum
Mar 2023
Breathe new life into your home décor with vibrant houseplants

Mar 2022
WNC’s boomtown has mighty good neighbors—meet 10 nearby communities prized for their own style of livability

Mar 2022
As the nation celebrates Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th birthday, witness the creation—and evolution—of his visionary Biltmore landscapes

Jun 2021
A contemporary cabin on Lake James offers enduring style and a blissfully slow pace

Jun 2021
A sculpture showcase comes alive at the North Carolina Arboretum

Mar 2021
Strike out to discover native floral treasures in WNC

Dec 2020
Close out 2020 with dazzling holiday lights

Aug 2019
September brings opportunities for all ages to learn about winged migrations

Feb 2019
Long-time green thumb, author, and WNC resident Nan K. Chase offers a guide to gardening in the mountains

Apr 2018
Take a hike for a cause with a shelter dog

Feb 2018
Spring into the season with plant sales and garden events aplenty

Feb 2018
Long valued by the Cherokee, this wild leafy green has lots to offer

Dec 2017
When wildflowers dot the greening landscape and rushing rivers flow cold from snow melt, take in the beauty of springtime in the mountains with activities for the whole family

Feb 2017
Even if you have no growing space of your own, you can plant community seeds with volunteer opportunities at public gardens and arboretums

Aug 2016
Celebrate—and help preserve—monarch butterflies during their annual migration through WNC

Oct 2015
Light shows, each with their own particular glow, illuminate the holidays

Aug 2014
The Cherokee Preservation Foundation invests in the tribe’s past and future

Mar 2014
Proceeds from spring plant sales give back to the community

Oct 2013
LEGO sculptures bring new wildlife to the N.C. Arboretum

Aug 2011
An environmental exhibit uses the natural world to illustrate how human habitats can be improved.

Apr 2011
For generations, wildcrafters have relied on the healing properties of our region’s diverse plant life. Today, Bent Creek Institute is using the tools of biotechnology to prove the value of these folk remedies and create a local hub for a new medicinal products industry.

Apr 2011
An expert in the art of Japanese gardening works to sow

Oct 2010
A Brevard couple’s cozy Stickley cottage preserves generations of memories

Oct 2010
An historic exhibit details the lengths taken to harbor peace during the last years of the Colonial era

May 2010
Visit the handmade expo and go crafty with your home design

Sep 2009
Ralph Berger transforms scrap metal into designs of intricate beauty