contemporary art

contemporary art
Dec 2020
Take in the arts and culture of Asheville without the crowds

Jun 2019
The revamped Asheville Art Museum is poised for a grand reopening

Aug 2016
Cristina Córdova’s larger than life paintings grace Penland’s grand new gallery

Jul 2015
After 30 years as a sculptor, Stoney Lamar is more prolific than ever

Jun 2014
Burnsville artist Mel Chin defies convention and challenges the definition of art

Aug 2013
Tryon painter, curator, and rabble-rouser Margaret Curtis goes beyond boundaries

Aug 2013
A former lumberyard in Brevard is reclaimed as a budding arts district

Jun 2013
Daniel Nevins' latest work takes a powerful new turn

Feb 2012

Aug 2011
Enter the boundless world of an innovative artist

Aug 2010
A new Tryon museum highlights the lives and work of toy makers

Jun 2010
Legacy Artist: Michelle Moog-Koussa shares her father’s pioneering explorations in electronic music through education and preservation

Mar 2009
Laurey Masterton creates a midweek feast with a bounty of ingredients fresh from the market

Mar 2009