contemporary art

contemporary art
May 2024
Summertime adventures that are only a plane ride away

Nov 2023
On a recently added nonstop flight from our local airport, fly out west this winter to experience the Mile High City’s arts and culture, food and bevs, and snowy, outdoor majesties

Sep 2022
In partnership with The 400 Years Project, a local photographer showcases contemporary Cherokee artists and their work

Dec 2020
Take in the arts and culture of Asheville without the crowds

Jun 2019
The revamped Asheville Art Museum is poised for a grand reopening

Aug 2016
Cristina Córdova’s larger than life paintings grace Penland’s grand new gallery

Jul 2015
After 30 years as a sculptor, Stoney Lamar is more prolific than ever

Jun 2014
Burnsville artist Mel Chin defies convention and challenges the definition of art

Aug 2013
Tryon painter, curator, and rabble-rouser Margaret Curtis goes beyond boundaries

Aug 2013
A former lumberyard in Brevard is reclaimed as a budding arts district

Jun 2013
Daniel Nevins' latest work takes a powerful new turn

Feb 2012

Aug 2011
Enter the boundless world of an innovative artist

Aug 2010
A new Tryon museum highlights the lives and work of toy makers

Jun 2010
Legacy Artist: Michelle Moog-Koussa shares her father’s pioneering explorations in electronic music through education and preservation

Mar 2009
Laurey Masterton creates a midweek feast with a bounty of ingredients fresh from the market

Mar 2009