Feb 2024
“I am inspired by the desire to express beauty and hope through brokenness and flaws, integrated with imagery of value in healing and restoration.”

Feb 2024
Nineteen influential women who have had a positive impact on Western North Carolina

Jun 2023
A summer getaway in Highlands, and the retro-cool Skyline Lodge

Aug 2021
After so many months of cancelled and postponed events, the urge to get together and celebrate is palpable. Here to satisfy is a season of great gatherings bursting with local culture: From woolly worms, elk, and Bigfoot to mountain arts, food, music, and more, these festivals truly have something for everyone.

Dec 2020
Get cozy in the charming hamlet of Highlands

Feb 2020
Mark your calendar! From food and drink fêtes to cultural celebrations and musical blowouts...

Oct 2016
Highlands Food & Wine Festival goes big for its 10th anniversary

Jun 2016
20 Ways to Explore the City's Exploding Music Scene

Dec 2015
Sometimes, smaller is better.

Oct 2012
Stir up the competition for Highlands’ annual eggnog contest

Jul 2011
Along About Sundown, a play about the life of Bascom Lamar Lunsford, hits close to home

Jun 2011

May 2010
Visit the handmade expo and go crafty with your home design

Apr 2009
The Bascom’s new art center is set to bring out Highland’s creative side

Mar 2009
From the Past to the Present