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Since forming four years ago, Dehlia Low has become a mainstay of Asheville’s traditional music scene, playing notable festivals and earning top 20 honors for its previous recordings. The string band features Anya Hinkle on fiddle and lead vocals, Stacy Claude on acoustic guitar, Greg Stiglets on upright bass, Aaron Ballance on resonator guitar, and Bryan Clendenin on mandolin.

The group’s new studio CD, Ravens & Crows (Rebel Records, 2011), features a blend of bluegrass, country, and Americana, which Stiglets calls “Appalachiagrassicana.” “If the songs sound like they’re from around here, it’s because they are,” says Hinkle, who echoes WNC legend Bascom Lamar Lunsford’s line “Asheville junction, Swannanoa tunnel” in her memorable tune “Living is Easy.” Recorded locally at Echo Mountain Studios and set for release this month, the CD’s supple harmonies, spirited musicianship, and honest songwriting are sure to expand the band’s growing audience.