August 2010

August 2010
We all love our mountain environment, but how well do we take care of it? Here’s a look at where we stand: What WNC is doing right, and how we can improve

Thank Mother Nature for an abundance of attractive wooden accents

This community of glass artists didn’t suddenly appear. It was shaped and molded by the nearby Penland School of Crafts

A mother and son collaborate to create an eco-friendly, storybook cottage

Josh Dorfman, aka The Lazy Environmentalist, mounts a casual crusade for sustainability

Tryon’s early-1900s artist enclave claims its rightful place in history

Venture below the surface of a local lake to discover a world of sunken weirdness

With many loyal fans, Fig holds tight to its recipe for success

Pick one of three flavorful, fresh dressings to accent your salad

Pick your favorite creative flavor (or cone) at these top shops

The New Blue Ridge Cookbook blends the area’s culinary past and future

For years, Grandfather Mountain served as the launch pad for high-flying gliders

Two Robbinsville candle-makers find harmony in their environment and craft

Check in to some of WNC’s eco-friendly accommodations

Among the curios, the jewels of a local legend shine at the Asheville Antiques Fair