Natural Charmers

Natural Charmers: Thank Mother Nature for an abundance of attractive wooden accents
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1. Brooch: Plum tree pin by Monique Escoulen $128, Miya Gallery, Weaverville. (828) 658-9655

2. Nut Shells: Walnut earrings by Scott Woody $25, Miya Gallery

3. Bracelets: Cuff and coconut bangle $10 cuff, $8 bangle, Terra Nostra Décor, Asheville. (828) 281-0777

4. Hoops: Hand-painted earrings $16, Terra Nostra Décor

5. Necklace & Earrings Set: Exotic pernambuco and wenge wood pendant and earrings by Monique Escoulen $146 pendant, $100 earrings, Miya Gallery

6. Ring: Two-tone wooden ring $8, Terra Nostra Décor

7. Leaves: Hand-painted Aunt June leaf earrings by Lauren Kari $20, Custom Boutique, West Asheville. (828) 257-4007

8. Metal Mix: Sterling silver and ebony necklace and clasp bracelet by Philippa Roberts $118 necklace, $185 bracelet, Tin Roof Studio, Highlands. (828) 526-3900