August 2009

August 2009
Local moms deliver with chic threads and artful toys

Busy Hartzog just couldn’t forget her aunt’s circa-1920s playhouse, so she brought it home from South Carolina and restored it with love

Sending Love, latex paint on wood, 36" x 48"

Look beyond Lenoir’s reputation for fine furniture, and you’ll discover a town dedicated to visual arts and simple pleasures

Your Guide to some of Western North Carolina’s most memorable holes

Three couples who shifted their careers

Give them an experience to tell their teachers about

Turn off the Wii, and shut down the computer for fresh-air adventures

Whether you’re in the stands or on the Astroturf, it’s easy to get in the sporting mood.

Just when you start to lose steam, the kids’ energy reserves always seem to kick in. Here are ideas for curbing their enthusiasm.

Keep the kids cool—in and out of doors

Friends gather for a rustic trout dinner and tiki-bar bash on the banks of the Tuckaseegee

A couple of plant experts prove the grass is always greener on the upper side

With the help of his wife and daughter, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is infiltrating the world of kid-hop.

Five kid-friendly eateries that the whole family can enjoy

Kids can have fun in the kitchen without banging pots and pans

Summit Jaffe juggles middle school and a budding music career

Ola Belle Reed carried her tunes from Ashe County to the White House