blue spiral 1

blue spiral 1
Jun 2023
A Lake Lure house is reimagined to revolve around family

Mar 2021
Designer Talli Roberts uncovers the hidden potential in a dream home in Asheville’s Ramble community

Mar 2021
“So many places that are old have been rebuilt many times. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between old and new.”

Dec 2020
Take in the arts and culture of Asheville without the crowds

Jun 2020
Robert Johnson’s new exhibition at Asheville’s Blue Spiral 1 documents the artist’s intimate explorations of all of North Carolina’s state parks.

Feb 2019
Kenny Pieper’s unbreakable passion for glass

Aug 2018
Asheville gallery owner Jordan Ahlers moves to elevate area art and artists

Aug 2017
Five must-follow local interior designers on Instagram

Aug 2016
A home in Asheville’s Ramble neighborhood balances contemporary design with warmth

Jul 2015
After 30 years as a sculptor, Stoney Lamar is more prolific than ever

Dec 2013
George Peterson pounds, carves, and cuts salvaged wood and skateboard decks into modern art

Aug 2013
Andrew Hayes’ metal and paper sculpture deconstructs the book

Oct 2012
Across cultures and continents, Akira Satake excels in both music and pottery

Oct 2011
Present your culinary creations with artful entertainment dishes

Aug 2011

Jul 2011
Fiber sculptor Anne Lemanski narrates messages through her delicate conceptual creatures

Jan 2011
Margaret Couch Cogswell injects child-like wonder in all her creations