May 2013

May 2013
Evar Hecht carries on the craft of custom sandals and leatherwork in Asheville

Newly completed Rocky Knob Park puts Boone on the map for mountain biking enthusiasts

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald's frequent visits to the mountains yielded a turning point amid dark days

Natalie Pollard brings urban homesteading tools and know-how to the masses

Spot the blooms of the Yellow Lady’s Slipper in secluded mountain coves in May and June

Save the French Broad Float combines environmental activism and waterborne adventure

Three new reads chronicle adventures past and present

Cullowhee reels in the Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival

This Polk County town’s image is forever tied to the steep railroad grade that once brought passengers to downtown, but more recently its outdoor persona is on the rise.

A new program offers an alternative education for tomorrows innovators

Artist Jason Lydic brings creatures and plants to life in metal

Two shops meld cycling with beer for a whole new spin on community hubs

Harboring troves of curiosities, such as dwarfed turtles and carnivorous plants, bogs are among the most imperiled habitats in the mountains. Today, conservationists are bringing these fascinating and rare ecosystems back from the brink in hopes of creating the first national wildlife refuge in Western North Carolina.

Each year, millions of visitors pass through this scenic valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to marvel at the wildlife that roams free. Get a glimpse of what awaits with this collection of photographs that capture one lensman’s breath-taking encounters.

Take a trip around the world in wine varieties

Weaverville lays out the welcome mat for new restaurants

Dive into a refreshing Mayfelade to beat the heat

A Southern staple gets its due at a Knoxville festival