Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live: A guide to buying, building, or reinventing your mountain home
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The ultimate in Southern home inspiration, the 2020 Southern Living Idea House was built in Asheville’s Ramble Biltmore Forest neighborhood by Buchanan Construction and maintains a timeless farmhouse feel.

Breathtaking mountains and outdoor pursuits aplenty, vibrant cities and small towns, and a population of eclectic locals—it isn’t hard to see why people choose Western North Carolina to make their home (or second one). For those of us who live here already, it’s exciting to be able to spruce up your nest or create a new one altogether in that coveted neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in. With this guide to home improvement, we’ve gathered sage advice and inspiration from local professionals that will help you buy, build, renovate, or redecorate the home of your dreams. 

Design & Build

For some, watching their new home be built from the ground up is a dream scenario. For others, fixing up a historic charmer might be their idea of creating a home.  Read more here...

Interior Refresh

Redecorating a room can be exciting but also daunting if you aren’t sure what steps to take. Read more...

Outdoor Living

You don’t need the excuse of putting a home on the market in order to spruce it up. Money invested in repairs can pay off many times over, and a tidy exterior not only adds market value but makes residents and neighbors alike feel good. Read more...

Photographs by Robbie Camponetto/Southern Living; Aaron Hogsed AIAP for Aineath Construction; (SAMSEL ARCHITECTS, 2) Todd Crawford; Eric Meadows Photography; (PLATT) David Dietrich; (RETRO+FIT DESIGN) Ryna Theede; (ACM DESIGN) Meechan Aechitectual Photograph; courtesy of Living Stone Design - Build; (2, WSM CRAFT) Michael Oppenheim; (2, BRICKSTACK ARCHITECTS) Ryna Theede; (POWDER ROOM AND LIVING ROOM) Ryan Theede; (MASTER BEDROOM) Nick Gould; (DINING ROOM) Matt Rose; AUGUST INTERIORS, 2) Carl Amoth; (ALLARD + ROBERTS) David Dietrich; (AFTER PHOTOS) Ryna Theede; (AFTER PHOTOS) Thomas Gaines, Outside In Photography; SHELTER KITCHEN AFTER) This Land Films; (SHELTER KITCHEN BEFORE) courtesy of Shelter Collective; (DIANNE DAVANT BATHROOM AFTER) Burton Photography; (HEADSHOT) Marlumor Photography; (PANTRY) C Woods Photography; (FOLDING) Damian Lugowski; (2, RETRO+FIT DESIGN) Ryan Theede; (LAKE HOUSE) Jerry Markatos; (TAB) Amos Moses; (2, BUCHANAN CONSTRUCTION) Robbie Camponetto/Southern Living