Family Affairs

Family Affairs: Through social media, we asked our readers to name their favorite family businesses, and you delivered with deep-rooted recommendations. Here are five that rose to the top.
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Thompson’s Store & Ward’s Grill | Saluda

In the family for more than a century, Thompson’s and Ward’s provides not only the basic products of everyday life, but has functioned as a community hub through much of its 128-year run. thompsons-store.com; (828) 749-2321

Washburn’s General Store | Bostic

A center of Rutherford County civic life, Washburn’s has been open since 1831, through five generations. “Today, the store is a testament to American history,” Washburn’s website justly boasts. “Come on over and enjoy a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, and have a pleasant chat with the proprietor. You can cozy up with a North Carolina afghan and rock away your worries in a NC-made rocking chair.” washburnstore.com; (828) 245-4129

Hickory Nut Gap Farm | Fairview

Launched in 1918, this family business has continually evolved while staying true to its principles of connecting customers with sustainable agriculture practices and products. Today, the farm is renowned for the quality of its agriculture, meats, and events. hickorynutgapfarm.com; (828) 628-1027

Spicer Greene | Asheville

How fitting it is, like the perfect ring around your ringer, that this popular local jewelry company (formerly Wick & Greene) that opened here in the 1920s has long been stationed in one of Asheville’s star art deco buildings. The business has been the source of untold numbers of baubles gifted at weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. spicergreene.com; (828) 253-1805

Tiger’s Store and Chinquapin’s Ice Cream and Soda Bar | Hayesville

This quintessential one-stop shop, founded in the 1880s, still offers something for everyone. Together with one of the longest-standing soda and milkshake shops in the South, Tiger’s has proved to be a multigenerational cornerstone. facebook.com/TigersandChinquapins; (828) 389-6531

Photographs (2) courtesy of Thompson’s Store; (Washburn’s) by David Robbins; (Hickory Nut Gap Farm) by Ken Abbott; Courtesy of Spicer Greene; Courtesy of Tiger’s store & Chinquapin’s ice cream and soda bar