Earthly Pleasures

Earthly Pleasures: Fill your cellar with an ever-increasing number of eco-friendly wines
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By SG Séguret

Pairing a sustainable wine with a delicious meal made from locally grown, organic ingredients is getting easier these days as more vintners adopt eco-friendly practices. While 100-percent organic wines are designated with a seal of approval, others are on the right path, offering varieties made with organic ingredients or certified carbon neutral, in which CO2 emissions from shipping are offset. Here are five wines in tune with the earth.

L’Ecuyer de Couronneau Bordeaux Supérior 2009 (France) $15
Highlighting the merlot grape, this EcoCert (European organic certified) French bordeaux hails from Ligueux. Intensely purple, its rich tannins are an ideal accompaniment to seared flank steak, grilled lamb, or roast duck. www.vintageroots.com

Montinore Estate Pinot Gris 2008 (Oregon) $10
Bright and light, this Demeter-certified biodynamic wine (meaning the entire farm is sustainable) is a thirst-quencher. A refreshing appetizer accompaniment, it’s great with grilled shrimp or sea bass baked with fennel. www.montinore.com

German Gilabert Cava 2008 (Spain) $17
This sparkling, dry Spanish rosé is made from cava grapes indigenous to the Catalunya region, and doesn’t include commercial yeasts. Astonishingly creamy, it breathes hints of blackberry, raspberry, and apple cider. Try it with grilled fresh sardines or spiced chicken. www.vinosandgourmet.com

Cono Sur Viognier 2009 (Chile) $11 Rich, round, and fruity, with a touch of acidity and aroma of pear, this wine comes from one of the first South American vineyards to produce a sustainable product. Its subtle tartness could easily complement an array of dishes, from fresh oysters to French veal ragout. www.conosur.com

Bonny Doon Contra 2009 (California) $18
This carbon-neutral wine from Santa Cruz pleases the palate with a redolence of ripe plums and cherries. Sharply fruity, it complements cheddar and blue cheeses, and would be the perfect foil for blackberry pie or chocolate mousse.www.bonnydoonvineyard.com