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Bird’s the Word: Source your Thanksgiving turkey from area farms and markets
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When it comes to holiday centerpieces, juicy turkeys are crowd-pleasers. When the birds are fresh, it’s all the more healthy and fulfilling since your purchase supports local economies and farmers to boot. This Thanksgiving, plan ahead and reserve a pasture-raised, non-GMO turkey from one of these farms or markets.

Against the Grain Farm - Zionville

Pasture-raised, non-GMO commercial and heritage breeds
Cost: $5/lb. or $11/lb. heritage
Size: 8-12 lbs. or 12-18 lbs. heritage
Pick-up: November 17 at the Watauga Farmers Market or November 21 at the farm
619 Camp Joy Rd.; (828) 406-4439,

Dillingham Family Farm - Barnardsville

Antibiotic and hormone-free white broad-breasted turkeys
Cost: $5/lb. heritage
Size: 20 lbs.
Pick-up: At farm November 19-20
Note: Reserve with $25 deposit at the Asheville City Market on Saturdays. You can specify if you want a tom or a hen.
142 Haw Branch Rd.; (828) 230-2667;

Hickory Nut Gap Farm  - Fairview

Pasture-raised turkeys, available either fresh or thawed
Cost: $6/lb.
Size: 12-20 lbs.
Pick-up: November 17-20
Note: Cannot reserve certain sizes; all turkeys are first come first serve. A $20 nonrefundable deposit is required upon ordering.
57 Sugar Hollow Rd.; (828) 628-1027,

You can also find fresh local birds at these retail locations:

Food Matters Market & Cafe - Brevard & Morganton

Provider: Highlands Family Farm
Cost: $70
Size: 11 lbs. 
1 Market St., Brevard;
(828) 885-3663;
210 Avery Ave., Morganton;
(828) 475-7492;

Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe - West Jefferson

Provider: Against the Grain Farm
Cost: $8/lb.
Size: 15-25 lbs.
Pick-up: November 19-21
Note: No deposit necessary 
106 N. Jefferson Ave.;
(336) 846-3004;

Photograph courtesy of Hickory Nut Gap Farm