Sake Spear with Cucumber Ice

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Sake Spear with Cucumber Ice
Ice: 2 cucumbers, peeled & seeded 2 cups warm water Cocktail: 3 oz. medium-dry ginjo-style sake (Momokawa Diamond recommended) 5 oz. ginger beer or ginger ale 3 oz. club soda Cucumber spears & lemon slices, to garnish  
Ice: Several hours in advance, combine cucumbers and water in a blender on high until smooth. Strain mixture a little at a time through a fine strainer, pressing the pulp of each batch with the back of a large spoon until all the water is extracted. The water should appear light green. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.   Cocktail:Fill four 14-ounce highball glasses halfway with cucumber ice. Pour sake, ginger beer or ale, and club soda over cucumber ice, and stir. Slice a cucumber lengthwise into spears, and garnish along with a lemon slice.