Jam-jar Daiquiris

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Jam-jar Daiquiris
Courtesy of Spencer Schultz, Rhubarb (Yields 2 small jars)
4 oz. infused rum 1½ oz. simple syrup 1¾ oz. fresh lime juice 4 oz. water Pinch of salt
Make rum infusion by letting one cup of dried fruit or half a cup of fresh herbs macerate in a fifth of rum for three to four days ahead of time. To make the cocktail, put all ingredients into individual jam jars. Stir and place in freezer overnight without the lid. (Note: Alternately, you can use zip-lock bags. Press air out of bags before freezing.) When ready to serve, shake or use a spoon to loosen the ice, creating a slushy cocktail. Drink out of jar or pour into martini glasses. Garnish lovingly.