Flourless Chocolate Torte

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Flourless Chocolate Torte

8 oz. chocolate 
8 oz. butter 
5.5 oz. sugar 
4 oz. water
6 eggs, room temperature 
2 tsp vanilla extract 


Measure out chocolate into a mixing bowl; reserve. Melt butter over medium heat and then pour over chocolate, mixing to combine. Meanwhile, combine water and sugar in a pot and cook over medium heat, stirring gently until sugar has dissolved. 

Pour sugar mixture into chocolate butter mixture, mixing to combine. Allow chocolate mixture to cool slightly before adding in eggs, one at a time, mixing each one completely before adding the next; batter will have a smooth and shiny appearance once completely mixed together. Mix in vanilla and portion into a baking vessel, pictured in 13” by  4” by 1” rectangular fluted tart pan (9” spring form pan or 9” round cake pan also recommended). If using a springform pan, create a protective barrier around the pan using foil and bake in a water bath at 325°F for approximately half an hour, or until cake has a slightly risen and cracked appearance on top. 

Remove from oven and allow to cool before placing the cake in a freezer overnight to set. Remove from pan by dipping the pan in hot water to release cake from sides of the pan and turning over onto a cake board or serving plate, allowing to thaw from frozen before serving. 

Expert Advice - With this recipe, make sure to be patient. “So many things in baking are temperature-sensitive,” explains Hill, so it’s important to make sure ingredients are room temperature first. When baking at home, Hill sets her butter out  the morning before cooking to ensure a perfect temperature for baking. 

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