A Wrench in the Works

A Wrench in the Works: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo | Monkey Wrench
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Secret Agent 23 Skidoo takes his kid-hop game in a darker, denser direction with Monkey Wrench, his first album for adults. Often referencing literary figures like Orson Welles and Jack Kerouac, the Asheville-based rapper, also known as Cactus, layers intricate witticisms over sophisticated, stormy beats to create a collection of cerebral but highly danceable tracks. The minimalist piano sample on “Contagious Cages” creates a weighty, serious vibe, as do the raw guitar and otherworldly synths on “Sleepherder.” Other songs retain that feel-good, dancehall sound indicative of Skidoo’s kid-hop style. What hasn’t changed is his commitment to education and empowerment: Monkey Wrench is full of compelling social and political commentary. www.secretagent23skidoo.com