As Sweet As It Gets

As Sweet As It Gets: A Franklin baker creates top-tier cakes and shares her insider perspective
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This classic ivory wedding cake towers with elegant lines, dainty details, and precise piping, creating an end-of-evening treat for guests that is just as photo-worthy as it is tasty. 

For Franklin baker Katie Cocolin of Mrs. Sugarbooger Cakes, the world of wedding cakes started as a fun pastime of trial and error, spurred on by her desire to create a beautiful cake to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. “I’ve always baked, but when I discovered the artistry of cake design, I was hooked!” she exlaims.

Cocolin says connecting with newlyweds-to-be is a large part of her design process. The baker collaborates with couples to combine a variety of elements into their celebratory dessert, from flavors and decorations to one-of-a-kind additions like incorporating details from a bridal dress.

In addition to adding details from the bride’s gown to mimic the same look on the cake, the baker says sleek, crisp, and clean lines are always on trend. She’s also seeing a lot of vintage piping details come back into style, as well as monochromatic details. Tall, skinny cakes are on the scene, as well as varying tier heights. Another standout? “Color! I love the use of color for wedding cakes. It’s a work of art, and adding color gives you more room to make one-of-a-kind creations. As a wedding cake designer, I want to create, not replicate!” Cocolin says.

While she has loved almost every client she’s ever worked with, one particular bride stands out to her. Early in her career, Cocolin worked with a bride who had recently lost her mother, and wanted her custom cake to include a few tributes to her mom. She and Cocolin ended up becoming fast friends. “The entire experience of working on this project changed the whole trajectory of my business,” explains Cocolin. “I fell in love with wedding cakes at that moment, and knew that if it wasn’t wedding cakes, it wasn’t for me. The day I delivered the cake, I cried all the way home because I was so happy that everything worked out perfectly. The overwhelming feeling of joy and purpose is something that I will never forget.”

Cocolin works in several areas of Western North Carolina, but spends the majority of her time in Highlands. While she loves many venues, Old Edwards Inn will always hold a very special place in her heart. You can find her delivering a cake almost every weekend to one of their properties.


How far in advance should couples book their wedding cake?
Many online sources suggest booking your baker three months in advance. While this sometimes works out, I have many clients who book a year out! I would personally recommend giving yourself at least six months to lock down your baker. Everyone is ahead of the game these days, so your favorite baker might be booked up if you don’t get on it. 

Groom’s cake: yay or nay? 
I love it when we make a different cake for the groom that still looks like an ordinary tiered cake, almost like a wedding cake that is for a very rustic wedding. I’ve done this several times, and it is a very classy approach to the groom’s cake option.

What wedding cake solution is best for elopements/micro-weddings where a tiered cake is too much?
I love the option of making the grand cake as a faux cake, and then having kitchen cakes to slice and serve to guests. This way, you get the best of both worlds—you get the big, grand cake look without having a surplus of cake. 

What is your top tip for couples choosing a wedding cake and baker?
It is best to pick someone familiar with the wedding industry. Although we usually only work with each client once, if a venue continues to work with a certain baker, they must do something right. Look at their social media and see photos of their work. Also, make sure you like the person you’re working with. I recommend this for every vendor you select! It’s your day, and you don’t want to work with anyone you don’t enjoy. 

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