Square Roots

Square Roots: Three significant patchwork quilts continue to bring recognition to Franklin and Maco Crafts
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When Governor Jim Hunt bestowed Franklin with the title Quilting Capital of the World in 1980, it was in recognition of the skill and tradition set forth by Maco Crafts, a quilters cooperative that operated from 1969 until 2001. The designation heralded the creation of three distinctive quilts, which will be on display in July during the Franklin Folk Festival. The Original World’s Largest Quilt, measuring 18 by 21 feet, wowed onlookers at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, The Kennedy Center, and the Masters Golf Tournament. Commissioned by Philip Morris tobacco company, the Cabarrus tapestry is a wall hanging comprised of more than 700 fabrics and measures 10 by 38 feet. And the Celebrate America quilt, completed in 2002, bears the autographs of nearly 45 celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Maya Angelou, and Kenny Rogers. The three quilts are now cared for by the Macon County Folk Heritage Association, and are only displayed during the festival. Learn more with these stats that highlight the Original World’s Largest Quilt’s grand design.

On View
Franklin Folk Festival, July 21
1-(800) 932-5294


Illustration by Jason Crosby