Smooth Sounds

Smooth Sounds: The Secret B-Sides | Flowers & Chocolate
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In their studio debut, Flowers & Chocolate, Asheville quartet The Secret B-Sides brings soulful horn and woodwind harmonies, saucy hip-hop drum breaks, consonant baselines, and spacey keyboard effects into orbit around the dulcet voice of singer-songwriter Juan Holladay, whose light, flirtatious lyrics ooze authentic tenderness. While the B-Sides’ ethereal charm will appeal to devotees of funk, soul, and classic R&B, Flowers & Chocolate has something for fans of hip-hop, too, with local lyricists Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and Preach Jacobs contributing rap vocals on “Rap ‘n’ Roll” and “On to You.” From nostalgic, summery songs like “That ’60s Show” to propulsive dance grooves like “Ergonomics,” the B-Sides’ impassioned but mellow mix is best enjoyed with a bottle of wine.