Rock This Town

Rock This Town: Two Asheville bands crank out winning albums
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This ambitious debut from Asheville’s Posh Hammer is both a seasoned stylistic mix and an energetic beginning for a fledgling rock ‘n’ roll band. The album manages to compact more than three decades’ worth of musical influence into 10 tracks, blending ’80s arena rock with the trebly guitars of ’90s alt-rock and contemporary pop music. The band is comprised of teenage siblings Tasnim, Tiam, and Navied Setayesh, and drummer Dano Crachiollo. The quartet’s youth only adds to the album’s energy and expansive interpretation of musical styles. Tasnim sports the vocal prowess of Pat Benatar in tracks like “All About” and “Tonight.” Check them out at

Photograph: Rita Aguila

Some music was meant for late summer’s heat—ska and reggae in particular. Bass Treble Angel Devil, the newest offering from Asheville-based funk-rock-reggae trio The Get Right Band, fits that bill. The album sets off with “Satisfied Man,” a hand-clapping, sing-along chant. Songs like “Get Right” and “You Can Come” drop into softer, rhythmic up-tones that mix late-’90s ska with reggae. Stylistically, these tunes fall somewhere between The Slackers and Sublime, but they give way to a series of funkier, drum-heavy tracks. “The Carpenter’s Daughter” begins with slow funk-bluesy guitar and wanders through a call-and-response break between guitarist Silas Durocher and bassist Jesse Gentry before ascending into a fast-paced, bass-heavy jam. A crisp, high-energy cover of the Talking Heads’ hit “Life During Wartime” rounds out the album. Catch the band live September 12 at Asheville Music Hall. and

Photograph by Sandra Stambaugh