Plan Bee

Plan Bee: The educational Honeybee Project is all the buzz
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Just as bees flit from plant to plant transferring pollen, Sister J. Spiritvoice of the Weaverville-based Honeybee Project travels to area schools, enlightening students about the importance of these incredible insects. She shares facts like how honeybees are responsible for pollinating more than 90 fruits and vegetables; and explains that without bees, much of our flora would cease to exist. “My calling is to educate, to let children know what honeybees can do for us, and more importantly, what we can do for them,” says Spiritvoice, a beekeeper and director of the project since 2009. The initiative’s primary educational tool is a website that, when complete later this year, will connect teachers and students to bee-themed games, videos, and lesson plans related to subjects such as geometry and social studies. The project is set to bloom and spread some love for bees.