Message in a Mural

Message in a Mural:
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Two well-known Asheville mural artists have been capturing public sentiment regarding the coronavirus outbreak in artwork displayed on a highly visible River Arts District landmark.

As the health crisis began to unfold in March, Ian Wilkinson and the artist simply known as Ishmael changed the bold wording on an old silo at the corner of Riverside Drive and Haywood Street from “Stay Weird” to “Stay Home,” a direct reflection of the “stay home, stay safe” order issued by Buncombe County public health officials. (The “Stay Weird” message appeared in early 2019, replacing “Good Vibes.”)

The two artists again had a new message in early May, changing “Stay Home” to “Stay True” as state and local officials began to ease up on restrictions that had kept public parks and most businesses closed out of concern for people’s safety.

What will they change it to next? We’ll have to wait and see.