Last Page - Elizabeth Garlington

Last Page - Elizabeth Garlington: "I craft my treasure into narrative art quilts."
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Early Morning Risers, 34’’ by 27’’, framed quilt

Waynesville quilt artist Elizabeth Garlington creates “fabric documents,” as she calls them. “I am a treasure hunter. I love finding exciting fabrics, threads, beads, baubles, and doodads. Using intention and intuition guided by found stories and personal memories, I craft my treasure into narrative art quilts.” This piece, Early Morning Risers, appears among 77 works featured in Black & White 4, the Southern Highland Craft Guild’s latest members’ exhibition at the Folk Art Center in Asheville (through January 16). The show, replete with all manner of two-shaded artworks, “is the most popular theme for members and visitors alike,” says Nikki Joseff, curator of collections for the Guild. “It happens roughly every 10 years, and each edition has been unique and beautiful.”