Last Page - Dylan Morgan

Last Page - Dylan Morgan: “The labor-intensive process of basket making … interweaves ecology, culture, land, and identity.”
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Two Baskets and a Dart Quiver By Dylan Morgan, Cherokee

Dylan Morgan is one among nine Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian basket makers whose work appears in Weaving Across Time, an exhibition at Asheville’s Center for Craft now through April 22. The show is focused on the artful styles of basket making practiced by the Cherokee for generations, featuring 60 examples created in the past 20 years. As the center notes, “The labor-intensive process of basket making, which includes harvesting materials, gathering plants for dyes, and deciding on intricate patterns, itself becomes a key component of the final product, which interweaves ecology, culture, land, and identity.” Morgan’s three works, above, are fashioned from rivercane, walnut, bloodroot, hickory, and white oak rim. centerforcraft.org