Kristina Benshoff

Kristina Benshoff: After debuting at New York Fashion Week this year, this clothing designer talks fabrics, style, and inspiration
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“Music, chocolate, and coffee are three things I can’t live without. They keep me going.”



“I splurge on fashion magazines. I have some collectibles I don’t take out of my house, like a Vogue that André Leon Talley gave me. He’s a former editor.”





“I showcased the Avian dress at an Asheville Community Theatre fund-raiser in the feather category.”




“I love the campy ’60s sci-fi film Barbarella. The costumes were designed by Paco Rabanne.”



“I’m a shoe junkie. I stockpile them for photo shoots, so I don’t necessarily wear them. My Fryes are my go-to shoes.”



“My mom taught me to sew Barbie clothes. I was in high school when I started making my own designs.”

“I started keeping sketchbooks of my design ideas while studying fashion at Savannah College of Art & Design. I carry a book with me at all times.”

The Essentials

Personal style? “Comfortable, classic, and colorful.”
Dream gig? “I would love to have a runway show in Paris. That’s the crème de la crème.”
What’s next? “My new collection, Sayonara, is inspired by modern and traditional Japanese designs. I’ll be using vintage kimono fabrics.”
Influences? “Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou, and any of the couture designers—Chanel, Valentino.”