Keith Neaves

Keith Neaves: A purveyor of chic home goods and owner of Neaco boutique shares his penchant for mod accoutrements and amusing novelties
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“I love music and used
to own a record store
in Boone. Some of my favorite LPs are by Eartha Kitt, Julie London, and Tammy Wynette.”





“I found this Christmas choir duo at an antique shop. They’re fabulous and always displayed in my house during the holidays.””




“I got this German leather messenger bag a few years ago. I take it to trade shows and it always gets attention. It’s very moi.”






“This locket holds my late doggie Eartha’s hair. My friend clipped a lock and gave it to me after she passed. Very simple, but a perfect remembrance.”




“My folks gave me this Grover Sesame Street book when I was five. They regifted it to me this year for my birthday.”







“This most groovy, elaborate, silver candelabra sits on my coffee table. I found it in New York.”





“This shot of my mother was taken at a beauty shop in the ’70s. It’s retro and playful. She’s become the face of the store; I use the photo in all my advertising.”

The Essentials

Décor Advice: “If it’s something you really like, it’s probably going to work in your home. It’s a reflection of you and that’s what pulls the look of a space together.”

Home Style: “I’m a minimalist. I like furnishings that are modern and also a little retro and fun.”

Words to Live By: “Get what you love, but don’t get too much of it. Don’t overdo.”