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Keep It Cool: Enjoy a refreshing twist on a classic Southern cocktail
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With spring’s arrival, herbs are blooming once again, which means sweet and earthy cocktails are back in style. Mint julep, a fantastically refreshing warm-weather cocktail, checks all the boxes when it comes to a classic Southern drink—but if whiskey isn’t for you, you can still enjoy this sweet combination with a gin-based recipe from an Asheville mixologist. 

“Most people hear the word ‘julep,’ and they immediately think of the Kentucky Derby and bourbon . . . but there's a whole lot of other juleps out there. It's actually a whole category of drinks on its own,” explains self-proclaimed cocktail nerd and co-owner of an upscale, Montford-area bar Chall Gray. Chall, Lucia Gray, and Jay Sanders co-own the establishment, which was founded in 2017. According to Chall, “gins have a broad spectrum of flavor profiles from one to another,” from fruity to floral to dry, and in order to compliment the light, sweet taste of a julep, it’s important to use a botanical gin for this recipe—Chall recommends The Botanist for the best flavor profile. 

Short Court Julep
Courtesy of Chall Gray, Little Jumbo
(Yields 1 drink)

2-3 sprigs mint
2 oz The Botanist Gin
1/4 oz Saler’s Gentiane Liqueur
1/4 oz lime juice
1/4 oz simple syrup

Add all the ingredients to a julep cup. Gently muddle the mint. Add crushed ice. Stir until the outside of the cup becomes frosted, then add more crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Tip:  Make sure the drink has plenty of ice. Juleps need to be diluted more than the average cocktail, so using crushed ice is best.

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