Katie Skinner

Katie Skinner: Lost objects and found treasures that exude character and wit typify this mother and shop owner's artistic flare
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Skinner, with her basset mix, Sulh, sells quirky curios and antique furnishings at L.O.F.T. in Asheville.




“This couch, which I got at an auction for about $80, is totally my style. I love the color. I like worn furnishings that have personality.”



“I’ve read all of David Sedaris’s books. I’ve seen him speak, but was too scared to talk to him. My friend had him sign this cigarette pack.”





“My husband made this little wire vase. Travis is an awesome artist. Our two boys are super creative
as well.”




“I’ve had this coat for 10 years. It rocks and has been worn to many parties by many of my friends.”



“I’m obsessed with birds.
This rusted metal peace dove
belonged to my grandmother, Dovie.”



“My sister painted my old dog, Maxfield. He was my baby. He won Best Shop Dog in the Mountain Xpress and was even on National Geographic Channel.”

“I have lots of fixations and the number seven is one of them. This
necklace made from an old pool ball is one of the many things I own with that number.”

The Essentials

Shop Talk: “I used to go to flea markets and did lots of DIY projects. A friend and I opened the store 15 years ago with stuff out of our homes.”
Color Craze: “The exterior of my house is painted ‘Crimson.’” It’s an ode to her favorite football team: Alabama Crimson Tide.
At Home: “There’s nothing new in my house except a couch.”