Jim Julien

Jim Julien:
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Fascination drives this family man, graphic designer, performance
artist, and director of the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival




“My life is so intimately tied to the health and happiness of my computer. It’s sad, but if my Mac isn’t having a good day, I’m not having a good day.”





“I’ve been part of the Fringe Arts Festival, as director and performer, since 2003. We think of it as an opportunity for artists to try things that are outside their comfort zones.”




“I’m very interested
in puppetry, and think
this Indonesian crocodile puppet
is fascinating.”




“My wife is an artist, and she’s created books. This is one that relates to her life and family. It’s a handmade little heirloom.”



“My office nickname is
Batman; that’s how most people have referred to me over the years. I think bats are oneof my totem animals.
I seem to be drawn to them.”

“I’m a big fan of Japanese anime. One of my favorite series is called Cowboy Bebop that’s about a bounty hunter, and these are a couple of the characters.”