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Home Goods: Discover handmade creations in this haven for artists
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After the scenic drive north on U.S. 221, you’ll understand why this town is called the Lost Province: It’s remote. But downtown West Jefferson brims with restaurants, specialty stores, and a slew of galleries. Sure, New River paddling adventures, the Ashe County Cheese Factory, and Christmas tree farms are reason enough to visit, but another claim to this town’s fame is its arts. Murals grace numerous buildings, and at least 13 art galleries, including the new Artists’ Theatre on East Main, reveal works by many local talents. The Gallery Crawl (September 10, from 5-8 p.m.) is an opportunity to visit them all and shop for handmade accoutrements. And if you’d like to learn a craft, Spin a Yarn offers workshops and classes in weaving, spinning, knitting, and more. Devotees of the handmade, just head north.

The Shopping List

(clockwise from top center)
1. Sassyfrass Penny rug place mat $70; (below left) felt travel sewing kit $11, scissors holder $6, and pincushion $5 by Matilda du Toit 118 N. Jefferson Ave.; (336) 846-1883
2. Spin a Yarn...Weave a Web A knitters, spinners, and weavers’ supply store; classes offered 8A S. Jefferson Ave.; (336) 844-4771
3. Originals Only Gallery Folk art trees by Tom Sternal $10-$30 3B N. Jefferson Ave.; (336) 846-1636
4. Abigail’s Handmade card by Sue Miles $4 109 N. Jefferson Ave.; (336) 246-7399
5. Ashe County Arts Council Below right, cherry burl wood-turned bowl by Gil Millsaps $70 303 School Ave.; (336) 846-2787