Going Green

Going Green: Four sustainable Asheville businesses help locals put Earth first
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The eco-friendly lifestyle is no new trend for many Ashevillians. As the call to live a life with less waste grows, so does access to products that aim to do just that. In Asheville alone, four locally-owned sustainable businesses make reducing, reusing, and recycling as convenient as possible without sacrificing aesthetics.


Seated in the core of downtown Asheville, Ware has become a sought-after sustainable shopping site since its inception. This zero-waste lifestyle store offers essentials of all kinds for the body and home. Compost bins, shampoo bars, refillable laundry detergent, and long-lasting wallets are just a few of their innumerable products. On top of these, a number of in-store programs help customers live sustainably. Forgot a reusable tote at home? There’s often a clean one waiting in the store’s “Take a Tote, Leave a Tote” bin. Recycling containers for corks, disposable masks, or plastic-free razor blades all stand proudly in the storefront, all in the hope of helping locals—or those who order online, as Ware ships nationally—squander less. {College St., 1A; wareavl.com}

To The Brim Refill

To The Brim Refill counts its impact by the ounce. Open seven days a week, the refill store’s mission is to help Asheville communities reduce their plastic waste by offering non-plastic alternatives. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers, weigh them when empty, then fill them up with home cleaning supplies or bath and body products. Lining the tables, customers can find clear jugs filled with soaps, shampoo, detergents, and cleaners, and for easy access, the jars are topped with handy pumps. Plastic-free containers and kitchen wares are also available, as are a growing number of durable pet supplies. {145 Charlotte Highway, Suite 60; tothebrimrefill.com}

Nest Organics

The product of a long-time dream held by two friends, Nest Organics is chock-full of natural commodities for babies, kids, and the home. A self-proclaimed “environmentally-driven boutique” found in downtown Asheville, bright white walls highlight the earthy colors of the wooden and fabric goods that adorn the store. On top of baby toys, adorable children’s clothing, and lifestyle goodies for adults, those perusing the store will find organic bedding, cotton towels, and handcrafted cutting boards. The item that sets Nest Organics apart: high-quality, chemical free mattresses. Here, it’s easy to cultivate a gorgeous, cohesive home while keeping health and environment in mind. {51 North Lexington Avenue; nestorganics.com}

The Regeneration Station

One-of-a-kind, fun, and affordable all come to mind when wandering The Regeneration Station’s 36,000 square foot furniture warehouse. The Regeneration Station repurposes once-unwanted goods salvaged by its sister company, Junk Recyclers, or elsewhere, such as from an auction. Retro couches, colorful cabinets, unique antiques, and artsy decor—all upcycled—have all made their way through the store. Champion of reducing waste through reusing, The Regeneration Station has created a very Asheville business where no two items are alike, inventory changes around the clock, and artists and Earth can be supported through home furnishings. {26 Glendale Ave; regenerationstation.com}