Frank Thomson

Frank Thomson: As the Asheville Art Museum celebrates its expansion, the curator reflects on select pieces in the permanent collection
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Thomson admires Asheville artist Hoss Haley’s sculpture, Cycle, which was created from old washing machines.




“Beverly Buchanan is an African-American artist and a good friend. She’s full of energy and it shows in her painting titled House Watching.”



“Crane Road Spring is from Mark Peiser’s Paperweight Vase series. The process involves drawing on a molten piece of glass with another piece of hot glass.”



“Plants that Glow in the Dark, tra-la actually glows in the dark and looks like nuclear power plant smokestacks. It makes you consider why plants glow in the dark.”



“Margaret Butler donated Old Elm to the museum. What I often find interesting about a work is not just the art, but the connections with the artist or donor.”



“Isometric Architect by Helen West Heller is a beautiful little print using European cubism.”



“Cherokee woodcarver Virgil Ledford’s Bear has such personality. I can just picture that he’s encountered a candy bar along the trail.”

“Man Reaping is a photograph of the typical WNC farmer. It was taken near Penland by Bayard Wootten, a fascinating woman.”

The Essentials

Focal Point: “Art is part of who we are. It stimulates the imagination. Whether it’s storytelling, music, or visual arts, it’s a way of sharing thoughts and feelings.”
Personal Aesthetic: “A great work of art is something you can go back to and see something new every time.”
The Gig: “Every day is an adventure. Dealing with the art, researching and discovering artists, then sharing that with others are all part of the job.”


<p> photograph (Thomson) by Alex Minkin; art photographs courtesy of Asheville Art Museum</p>