Flavor Frontier

Flavor Frontier: Leave the standard granola behind on your next hike
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As cool temperatures descend on Western North Carolina, folks are heading to the hills for the best views of autumn foliage. Stowed in their packs will no doubt be the hiker’s trusty staple: trail mix. High in protein and sugar, the hearty snack packs the sustenance necessary for a taxing hike, but there’s no reason any nature lover should have to stomach the same old blend of raisins, peanuts, and M&M’s every year. To treat guests at the Andon-Reid Inn in Waynesville, innkeeper Rachel Reid uses a little cayenne, paprika, and Worcestershire to mix up a spicy snack that you’ll want to savor as much as the view.

Andon-Reid Inn
92 Daisey Ave.
1-(800) 293-6190