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Brews for All: Devil’s Foot opens new ‘inclusive craft’ taproom and production facility in Asheville
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The Mule, which opened in October, provides a gathering space where fine craft beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, can be enjoyed amongst friends. Co-founder Ben Colvin envisions the venue bringing "the Devil's Foot customer closer to the product and the community closer together in fellowship."

Local beverage stalwart Devil’s Foot has outgrown its 2,000 square foot home in Woodfin. With distribution deals across the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama, the company—which started as a home brewing experiment amongst friends in 2017—has expanded to accommodate growing demand for their refined and community-conscious non-alcoholic brews. A new production facility opened on Sweeten Creek Road in October, 4,400 square feet in which new equipment will more than triple production volume to meet the region’s growing appetite for their product.

But it’s about more than just production. Since evolving the operation from their Asheville yards, founders Ben Colvin and Jacob Baumann have envisioned a customer-facing venue where people can pick up a case or a six-pack, or where beverages could be enjoyed on tap in a social environment. The Mule (named for Devil Foot’s flagship brew, a non-alcoholic Ginger Beer), open on the site of the new facility, is an ‘inclusive craft’ taproom—craft beverage options for everyone. The Mule offers cocktails, mocktails, craft sodas, and the best local craft beer.

Co-founders Ben Colvin and Jacob Baumann first began brewing operations amongst friends in their backyards.

Inclusion is a big focus for Devil’s Foot. Many of their customers are bars, taprooms, and breweries who have discovered that their patrons relish the option of a non-alcoholic beverage that is still craft-brewed. “The Mule is really going to be a workhorse that brings the Devil’s Foot customer closer to the product and the community closer together in fellowship,” says Colvin.

Using craft brewing techniques and equipment, along with fresh, organic ingredients sourced from local or family-run farms, Devil’s Foot creates “celebrations in a can that are rooted in community.”

“Many of our longtime partners are bars and breweries who are really eager to carry a craft beverage that’s non-alcoholic but still celebratory for special occasions,” continues Colvin. “Having a non-alcoholic option makes social gatherings a lot more inclusive and seamless for people choosing not to drink or just taking a break for whatever reason.” 

The Mule
Devil’s Foot Beverage
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